Clear and simple website for a developer operating in the international commercial real estate market

Launch date: October 2022 Duration: 1 month


In today’s digital world, a company’s online presence plays a key role in building its image and attracting clients. PROPCO, a team of professionals with extensive experience in the international commercial real estate and capital markets, needed a website that would effectively and credibly reflect their expertise and the quality of their services. Keeping in mind the specifics of the industry and the expectations of both institutional and private investors, the goal of the project was to create a simple, clear and minimalist site that would allow users to quickly and easily find information of interest, while presenting PROPCO as a reliable and professional partner.


Guided by the need to create an intuitive, minimalist website for PROPCO, we focused on developing a clear and attractive design. We placed particular emphasis on developing a clear site structure that would allow key information to be easily found. We wanted potential clients and investors to be able to quickly understand what PROPCO does, the services they offer and the values on which their business is based. - strona internetowa stworzona przez


The website we developed for PROPCO meets the company’s requirements for simplicity, clarity and minimalism. Users can easily access key information, while the site presents the company as a reliable and professional partner in the commercial real estate and capital markets.