A modern website for RS-Team, a MedTech company

Launch date: Listopad 2021 Duration: 2 miesiące


In the MedTech sector, where technological innovations are crucial to the effectiveness of treatment and the quality of patient service, companies must not only offer advanced products and services, but also present their achievements and competencies in a credible and professional manner. RS-Team, a company with years of experience in digitizing dentistry and introducing innovative CAD/CAM technologies, approached us to create a website to effectively present the company’s offerings and build trust among customers and partners.


Guided by the need to create a website that would reflect the specifics and values of RS-Team, we focused on developing a design that would combine modernity, professionalism and readability. We placed particular emphasis on presenting the company’s achievements and the history of its founders, who were the first to introduce CAD/CAM technologies in Poland. We wanted the site to convey the spirit of innovation that has accompanied RS-Team’s activities from the beginning, while emphasizing their reliability and trustworthiness.


The website we developed for RS-Team meets the company’s requirements for modernity, professionalism and readability. Users can easily access key information about the products and services offered by RS-Team. In addition, we have added a rotating product presentation function to the website, so RS-Team’s milling machines can be viewed in detail from all sides.