How we implemented the website for Betclic in one week

Launch date: V 2023 Duration: 1 week


FAME MMA is a Polish federation that organizes freak show fight galas. The idea for FAME MMA was born in 2018, when a few people came up with the idea of bringing online personalities who have some conflicts with each other to clarify them in the octagon. The idea turned out to be a jackpot – FAME MMA galas attract tens of thousands of viewers, and each successive edition surprises with new ideas and solutions.

As part of these galas, the “Betclic Fight of the Evening” action was created, which further increases fan involvement. The action allows viewers to vote for the fighters and fights that they think were the most exciting and spectacular. The winners of the contest for the most interesting fight win a cash prize.


Our task was to create the website in an extremely short time. After all, we had less than a week to design and implement the platform, test it for accessibility and functionality, properly secure it, and test it for heavy load.

The website for the “Betclic Walka Wieczoru” event had to be easy to use, superbly optimized and properly secured. We had to ensure that it could withstand traffic of several hundred thousand hits in 3 days without any problem. As for stylistic issues, we were given guidelines to make the site consistent with the Betclic brand.


Creating the website was an exciting challenge. Despite such a short deadline, we wanted to deliver a site that was perfectly polished from every angle. We really wanted the site to be intuitive and easy to use. So we made sure that the messages were clear and clearly visible, prompting people how to take part in the action. We designed the whole page so that it visually referred to the portal.


The implementation of was not one of the easiest tasks. We worked under a lot of time pressure. We knew that we had no time for mistakes and stumbles. We planned the implementation process accordingly and got to work immediately.

We implemented the website 100% from scratch, using the modern Laravel framework. This choice of technology allowed us to create a platform that is not only efficient, but also flexible and easy to maintain. To manage the content on the site, we created an intuitive and easy-to-use dedicated content management system (CMS).

The site is fully responsive, which means it adapts to any browser and any screen. This allows users to enjoy a great experience regardless of the device they are using.

The site was implemented on Azure servers, which ensures reliability and data security. We decided to use Docker and Kubernetes technologies to efficiently manage resources and scale the site as needed.

Portal przygotowany przez Hypercon Software House dla Betclic


We delivered a responsive, efficient and unique website for Betclic. The design meets all the objectives – it is consistent with the brand, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, and engages users. We also achieved the goal of optimizing the site’s performance. Even during the heaviest load, the site loaded and operated quickly and stably, which translated into a high user experience.

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