New website of mEstate – real estate office with the most comprehensive offer on the Polish market

Launch date: March 2023 Duration: 2 months


Nowadays, when the real estate market is growing rapidly, real estate agencies must not only provide top-notch services, but also maintain their presence in the digital world. For this reason, online marketing tools and promotional strategies are becoming crucial for success in this competitive industry.

Our challenge was to create a professional website, which allows you to effectively present your offer and attract potential customers, and at the same time it will highlight the comprehensiveness of the mEstate office’s offer.


We wanted the mEstate website to be more than just an online business card for a real estate office. We designed it to stand out from the competition and be free of boredom, while keeping it simple and intuitive. We opted for a simple but modern design and lots of movement in the form of videos and animations.


The client received from us a modern, fast and responsive website that meets all the objectives. Videos and animations on the site add to its modernity. We based the project on the easy-to-use WordPress system, allowing management of content and properties in the “Our Properties” tab.

The site’s performance optimization goal was also achieved, with a score of 90+ on the PageSpeed Insights test. This means that the site loads quickly and efficiently, which translates into convenience when using the site and has a positive impact on the site’s positioning in search results.