We carried out a comprehensive renovation of the mRenovation.pl website!

Launch date: February 2023 Duration: 2 months


mRenovation is a team of professionals that aims to break the stereotypical thinking of renovations as a nightmare. During each collaboration, they take special care of the client’s well-being and peace of mind while they renovate their property themselves, battling ever-increasing material prices and logistical processes, overseeing subcontractor services and completing the work on time.

Years of experience and intensive development led the mRenovation team to bet on innovation and modernity in its online presence as well. Our task, therefore, was to create a website that would be attractive and interactive enough to attract customers, while presenting the company’s vision and the highest quality of services offered.


The renovation sector is a tough and demanding industry where there is no room for weakness and stumbling. When designing the website, we wanted to emphasize that mRenovation is not afraid of challenges. We opted for high interactivity and contrasting colors – yellow, black and white.

Strona internetowa mRenovation.pl utworzona przez Hypercon.pl


The result of our efforts is a dynamic and interactive site that remains intuitive and clear, despite a significant amount of animation, while achieving a performance score of 99/100 on desktop devices in the PageSpeed Insights test.

The website was implemented based on the WordPress system, so the client can easily manage the content of the site.